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Back Office Services

Back Office Services

Overwhelmed with daily clerical and administrative tasks? Finding it hard to keep up while juggling more pressing matters? What if you could rely on qualified back office resources to carry on your work during overnight hours?

With Kensium’s Paralegal Back Office Services, you can!

By outsourcing paralegal support functions to the offshore back office team at Kensium, you can count on dedicated support to extend your working day and take productivity to the next level.

Rely on Kensium BPO for:


Calendar Management:

Kensium can help paralegals & attorneys manage their calendar events including scheduling, tracking & re-scheduling


Mass mailing:

We can prepare and maintain accurate mailing lists for case related correspondence


Case Research:

Kensium BPO can execute searches within your databases for information gathering and reporting


Order Preparation:

Our support experts can analyze case documents, capture key information, and arrange them in chronological order or tabular format for rapid analysis


Case filing:

Our back office support team can file cases in your CMS and coordinate input of new client data


Document Preparation:

We can capture vital information from warranty documents and arranging in chronological order for processing


Report Generation:

Kensium can prepare daily, weekly or monthly report detailing billable hours for legal professionals per case and/or matter


Medical Demand Letters:

We can review medical records and prepare an accident summary, patient history, procedural details and hospitalization summary to assist with claim filings


Billing Verification:

Our paralegals will manage timesheets and verify invoices to ensure accurate client billing


Database maintenance:

Our analysts can perform scheduled maintenance after hours at specified intervals to ensure searches are quick and accurate without interrupting progress

Kensium BPO’s back office support services don’t stop there. For Personal Injury and Lemon Law cases, our team can manage case workflow through databases like Amicus Attorney!

Whatever your requirement, Kensium BPO can match a qualified resource to take these tedious tasks off your hands.

Looking for higher level legal support from qualified attorneys? Check out our Contract Management and Managed Document Review services to see how we can support every member of your firm.

Call us today at 877-536-7486 or email to info@kensiumbpo.com for more details.

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"Your Teams turn-around time and Quality has been "Excellent" over the last year! Keep up the great work!"

-Terri Russo, Philadelphia

"Kensium has assumed total IT responsibility by providing 24x7 support for all systems and business leadership normally associated with the CIO function. Kensium has successfully developed solutions, built campaigns, and provided guidance to support the company’s strategic initiatives, making us the nation’s premier consumer law firm with over 90% of our business coming from the internet."

-Adam., J, Los Angeles