The 7 Steps to CRM Enrichment

12 Nov 2020 7-STEPS-to-data-enrichment

The ability to expand your customer base has never been more important than now in the turbulent business environment wrought by COVID-19. Nearly every sector of the economy has been impacted with many projecting continued disruption through early 2021 and perhaps, beyond. If you’ve been relying

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What To Do When Medical Records Are In Critical Condition

16 Oct 2020 bpo

With close to 400,000 claims per year, personal injury matters and medical malpractice lawsuits make up a significant portion of legal activity in the US.  While only 4-5% of these cases may see their day in court, evaluating the merit of the case, and seeking a fair settlement among the parties

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The Lasting Impacts of COVID on the Workplace

26 Sep 2020 The Lasting Impacts of COVID on the Workplace

As we move into Autumn, 6-8 months since the coronavirus capsized our traditional workspaces, prognostications on what the “new normal” will look like when we all emerge are rampant.  With the situation seemingly changing each day, predictions are in many ways premature, but conventional wisdom

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