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It takes anywhere between .05 and 2 seconds (no more than that) to make a strong first impression. Your website branding strategy is a critical element for business success. Our design team has years of experience designing strongly branded law firm websites that differentiate these firms from their competitors. The following are snapshots of some of these legal services websites.

Dakessian Law - Tax Consultancy

Dakessian Law, is a California tax law consultancy based in Downtown Los Angeles and Sacramento. Marty Dakessian, the principal of the firm, just had his website redone. Unfortunately, he was dissatisfied with the visual design.  He felt the results were too cookie-cutter and did not reflect his vision of the practice.  Does this sound familiar? Marty is a man with style - one who wears bespoke cufflinks, has a strong point of view, and much success to his firm’s credit. He wanted to revamp the site to reflect the strength of his law practice and communicate it effectively to potential clients.

The new website hits the visitor with a deep blue color palette and the image of a chain with one gold link.  The link represents the ability for Dakessian Law to engage in any dispute with strength.  The gold color is also reflected in their logo.  The redesigned site features iconic imagery of Central and Southern California, where Dakessian Law operates offices, as well as imagery that underscores their values of expertise and reliability.  We optimized the services section to facilitate a quick grasp of their core offerings and to highlight their high success rate in court.

Each team member has a multi-tabbed biography that showcases their educational background, bio, and publications.  This goes a long way in communicating expertise.  Overall, the visual design delivers a fresh, non-templated approach.

On the backend, the highly user-friendly WordPress CMS helps the firm’s executive director manage website edits and updates in-house, without requiring extensive training. We always include a base level of metadata inputting and input UA code to all sites to help get them started on the right foot with best SEO practices.

With thousands of tax firms in California, Dakessian Law can now stand out from its competitors.

Valvo Law - Immigration

Even though Valvo Law gets the majority of their immigration business through referrals and satisfied clients, it was also important to have a website that properly represents their eighty eight combined years of immigration services.  The new Valvo Law website has a modern design that describes the firm’s professional services and provides valuable resources to their international clientele.  Since the majority of their clients are Japanese, we implemented the ability for users to view the website in Japanese by clicking the language link. 

Immigration law and the array of services within it can be very complex and confusing. One of our key goals was to provide useful information and links to anyone considering immigration services. 

Below you can see the difference between the old, non-mobile website home page and our new redesigned version. 

The home page provides quick links to key services. On the Services and Resources pages, we display a simple 2 column layout with a side navigation menu.  This allows visitors to easily navigate through the informative content.

The About Us section provides information about the firm, attorneys, and the types of industries they represent.

The “What’s New” page of the website serves as the publishing section. Here you can find original insights and analysis of immigration and related issues. 

The Contact page provides the addresses of the offices in Los Angeles and Honolulu. We also have a simple contact form to request consultations.

The new site is built on the latest version of WordPress. Google Analytics tracks website visitors and we built a custom Google Data Studio page that shows key statistical information with one click.  The Valvo Law staff was provided with website user guides and a training session to help manage the website content.

Multi-disciplinary legal services website

Enenstein Pham & Glass’ multi-disciplinary litigation practice provides clients a creative, focused approach to a broad range of legal matters. The Firm’s 20+ attorneys have outstanding experience and knowledge in multiple practice areas. 
The old website was out-of-date and didn’t live up to it’s  “Thinking outside the box” tagline. Below you can see examples of their old home page and the new home page we designed.

A firm is nothing without the experience of their team, so we completely revamped the team page. Now each attorney has a multi-tabbed profile that provides in-depth information, videos, and links, along with modern headshots that provide a feeling of trust and credibility.

A winning business strategy for this firm has been their active blog and news section. Regularly posted articles improve brand visibility, communication with their multiple audiences, and boosts SEO.

If your firm provides multi-disciplinary services, check out our solution for Enenstein Pham and Glass and contact us for more information.

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