City of Chicago Migrating Paper to Digital

City of Chicago Migrating Paper to Digital

After Rahm Emanual became Mayor of Chicago, he asked the people of the city to help identify areas for improvement. Political consultant, community organizer, and actor – Kyle Hillman’s suggestion got him a personal call from the mayor – he suggested the city should digitize. This went along with a broader digital initiative in the city – plans to make more public data available online to make the city more efficient and to cut red tape. Even though Adobe released its PDF format nearly 20 years ago, many companies including city governments have not yet embraced this technology as it could. Mayor Emanual announced plans to spend $20 million on efficiently improvements including changes to make the city less reliant on paper. Now most businesses don’t even have revenues of $20 million, let alone the directive to spend that much to cut out spending in the future, but whether your project is big or small, it’s only going to get worse, the longer you delay.

In Springfield, a museum was built to hold the state’s most important government paper, the Illinois State Archives. It houses every physical record the state can’t, or won’t throw out. It is a mausoleum for paper. It is the opposite of completely paperless. The building is a 12-storey Margaret Cross Norton building. The reference historian provided some interesting information regarding the archival record-keeping process: a state records commission meets once per month, sifting through thousands of unused historical records to vole on which should be kept and which should be trashed. It is a slot rummaging process and they hunt for government material with “permanent value”.

Your business documents probably don’t need to go through such an intensive process, and surely don’t need a “committee” to decide when these documents are no longer needed. So if you’re finally ready to start to migrate your paper records to digital, contact Charta Solutions and we’ll help you assess the situation. It can be more cost effective than you think, and in terms of the ability to access documents when needed, we make that process a breeze as well.

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