Kensium BPO partners with leading US Mortgage Lenders to provide Mortgage Processing & Underwriting services

Mortgage Processing & Underwriting services - KensiumBPO

Kensium BPO’s Mortgage Processing team deftly handles loans from setting up the file in the Loan Origination System through Closing, ensuring disclosures are obtained in compliance with TRID regulations.  Our efficiency in preparing loans for Underwriting leads to a faster closing process and a healthier bottom line.  By leveraging the expertise of Kensium to handle their Mortgage Processing Services, lenders and brokers alike can see an increase in profits through the number of borrowers serviced thanks to a more dedicated focus on sales and customer service.

In the words of our clients, Kensium provides the “highest class" of Underwriting, helping lenders to close loans at a faster pace and within compliance of applicable laws and regulations.  Kensium BPO’s Underwriters exceed the lender’s standard and specific investor guidelines providing services with absolute security.  By operating around the clock, seven days per week, Kensium BPO is able to help lenders provide constant and timely updates to borrower(s) lenders and brokers throughout the processing cycle.

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