Kensium Legal Rebrands as Kensium BPO and Launches Mortgage Processing Services

Kensium Legal Rebrands as Kensium BPO and Launches Mortgage Processing Services

We made a noteworthy change by rebranding our litigation support services practice of 10 years. To accompany many support offerings that have been instituted and become increasingly popular among clients in recent years, the entity’s new name is Kensium BPO – a name by which we feel our services are more accurately depicted.

“While litigation support process outsourcing is a core competency, it represents only a portion of our established outsourcing services,” said Kensium BPO Executive Vice President Ryan Gregg. “Changing Kensium Legal to Kensium BPO more accurately reflects the breadth of our expertise and service offering which in turn will allow us to more effectively present our services.”

The name change is not the only alteration to our business; we also introduced mortgage processing services into our practice. With this new service, we can handle a single step in the mortgage life cycle, or we can take care of the entire life cycle for banks concurrently handling many client files. From pre-qualification services through post-closing services, we handle our clients’ documents with care, ensuring efficiency and compliance in every step of the mortgage process.

Kensium Legal Rebrands as Kensium BPO and Launched Mortgage Processing Services

The mortgage industry

As mortgage rates are dropping and rent prices are rising, new home buyers are increasing constantly. Accompanied by the high demand for homes, these interested buyers are giving some mortgage processing companies more than they can handle. Outsourcing mortgage processing services to Kensium BPO can help businesses that are overwhelmed with the increased volume – all while meeting legal requirements.

“There have been many changes in the mortgage industry in recent years,” Gregg said. “TILA and RESPA regulations such as TRID along with other substantial changes in the industry have increased pressure on banks and mortgage companies to validate standards of meeting these regulatory requirements, while demanding increased operational efficiency at the same time to maintain profitability. As a result, the demand for services such as mortgage process outsourcing has grown consistently over the last several years and is projected to continue to grow.”

In order to make a substantial impact on the mortgage support services industry, we knew we had to craft a strategy exclusive to Kensium BPO. This is why our own Six Sigma experts developed a process to maximize the efficiency of processing mortgage loans. Six Sigma is a widely known, data-backed method for eliminating inefficiencies in work processes, and those certified in Six Sigma allow businesses to increase productivity and make the most of their resources. We pass on these efficiencies to our clients in cost and delivery.

“Kensium has forged a reputation as a leader over the years of providing substantial value to our clients by adhering to our core values of commitment to accuracy, efficiency, and punctuality,” Gregg said. “Our proven standards and processes coupled with recruiting only the best and most experienced management and talent in mortgage process outsourcing has positioned us well to meet market demand and the needs of our banking and mortgage clients.”

Outsourcing back-office tasks

For any business that has mundane or repetitive processes, outsourcing is an efficient option. When companies decide to outsource their operations and client projects, they free resources for more important operations. Businesses that outsource receive the same in-house level of expertise and delivery, while reaching higher levels of productivity in their practices.

To learn how Kensium BPO processes the different steps of the mortgage loan life cycle, click here.

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