Kensium Mortgage Processing Services

An increasing number of mortgage lenders are outsourcing their Mortgage Closing services since performing these tasks internally can increase costs from 40 to 50%. There are multiple steps involved in these processes, from ordering the Title and preparing Initial Disclosure Statements, to organizing Closing Statements and coordinating with lenders and borrowers.  Trying to handle these activities in-house is a burden on senior resources that could be better invested elsewhere.

Why Kensium:

  • Cost efficiency
    • Reduced overhead when compared to the cost of domestic personnel, office space, equipment and training.
  • Quick turnaround time
    • Kensium BPO has the flexibility of working on a 24*7*365 day basis.
    • Mortgage Closing associates are available in two geographical locations operating during overnight hours in the US, in many cases allowing clients to get their documents processed by the next business day.
  • High quality standards
    • Kensium BPO employs highly trained and tenured experts in the Mortgage lending industry.
    • Kensium BPO applies ‘Six Sigma’ methodology to maintain quality standards at a very high level.
  • Capacity and Scalability
    • Kensium BPO can rapidly increase or decrease personnel according to demand whenever necessary, with no additional investment by our clients.
  • Customer Support
    • Kensium BPO has a dedicated customer support team that coordinates between clients and their associates in issue mitigation and resolution.
    •  Detailed and timely status reports are provided to keep clients up to date on all developments for each loan in progress.

The Kensium BPO approach has helped many mortgage lenders and brokers realize additional profits that otherwise would have been lost to internal costs. When you choose Kensium BPO to support any aspect of your mortgage processes, your team is augmented with trained experts who can seamlessly integrate with your current processes. We eliminate time wasted on repetitive and error-susceptible tasks by leveraging ‘Six Sigma’ principles that consistently yield quality results.  We increase organizational productivity by completing these processes during typical overnight hours in the US, effectively extending your working day.

Our goal is to be a flexible, cost-effective partner for you in every step of the mortgage process, allowing you to save money and focus your expertise where it’s needed most.

The Mortgage Closing experts at Kensium BPO are here to help, so get in contact with us today!

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