Why Open Sites Like Dropbox Can’t Always Keep Your Data Secure

Why Open Sites Like Dropbox Can’t Always Keep Your Data Secure

Why do businesses continue to store important documents on unprotected cloud based systems like Dropbox? It serves a purpose in some cases, but if you have information that is critical to your business and you want to keep it confidential…don’t store it on a system like Dropbox unless you want to leave your data susceptible to theft. It’s only been a few months since a pretty significant incident caused many individuals and businesses to rethink their online storage policy, but there’s always the risk of a new individual trying their hand at accessing your critical data.

It is important to look for a cloud storage provider that encrypts your data, preferably using a URL that is unique only to your business, as well as make sure the data is encrypted when it is flowing back and forth from you to the cloud. Make sure the cloud storage provider uses industry standard protocols, such as SSL to confirm data is encrypted end-to-end, from the moment the data is created throughout its storage on cloud servers. A private cloud infrastructure generally speaking can be the most expensive option, but can also be the most secure. A private cloud’s infrastructure is created to operate for a single organization, whether it is managed internally or by a third-party and hosted internally or externally. When it is done right, it can have a positive (and secure) impact on a business, and all security issues should be addressed once the system is in place.

Another way you can feel assured your system is secure is to work specifically with a system that was designed for legal. Whether your business is related to legal, or your papers are legal related, knowing that the system was built with this in mind, can give you peace of mind day or night.

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