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About Client: The client is a boutique mortgage lending institution based on the West Coast.

Challenge: The client approached Kensium BPO to perform detailed review and consolidation services on 99 Reverse Mortgage Loan files related to an upcoming court hearing. Each loan file consisted of thousands of pages of financial disclosures, borrower background information, and property transfer documents that needed to be reviewed for compliance and organized for presentation by the mortgage lenders legal counsel. A key component of this request required the Kensium team to identify critical documents, remove duplicative and superfluous records, and sequence the entire file to specification.

As the hearing was scheduled before court adjourned for the holidays and the mortgage lender did not have sufficient resources to prepare the files during this period, the Kensium team was tasked with completing the task on a compressed timeline.

Solution: The firm deadline required Kensium BPO’s Mortgage Processing Services team to develop a three-pronged approach focused on efficient distribution of tasks and aggressive resource planning. The initial effort tailored for the preparatory team identified the Note date for each loan document and consolidated all documents related to that particular loan into a single file. The primary team then reviewed the consolidated loan file manually to discard documents not pertaining to the Note date. Upon completion of the deletion process, our senior team reviewed the file for accuracy and re-sequenced the document per counsel’s required specification. By deftly parsing the required tasks and distributing them to appropriate team members, the challenge was met.

Results: Initially, the client had only assigned half of the loan files to Kensium, keeping the balance for internal processing. When it became apparent that our innovative approach and superior manpower were outpacing their own efforts, the remainder of the files was gladly turned over. Not only did the project finish on time, but it required fewer billable hours than initially forecasted despite our team working day and night through completion.

About Us: Kensium BPO is an end-to-end global solutions provider of IT and knowledge process outsourcing services.

Our business objectives are to:

  • Offer substantial cost-savings to budget-conscious firms.
  • Provide a superior customer experience.
  • Provide scalable solutions to complex requirements.

Kensium's focus lies in its core values of knowledge, efficiency, dedication, and innovation. Partnering with us allows our clients to focus on their unique strengths. We believe that each client’s requirements are different. This drives us to customize our processes and solutions on a per-project basis to complete each job as efficiently as possible, while providing quality outputs for our clients.