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Catalog Data Management

Catalog Data Management

Online sales increase at a rate of 15% every year and as ecommerce grows, the need for updated product data grows as well. If your online store is not providing the information your customers are looking for, chances are they won’t be your customer for long.

With product info changing every day it takes a constant determined effort to manage merchandise listings, update item specifications, and monitor inventory particularly during high demand periods. Providing superior customer service is a must for retention of your clients, so keep your focus there and let Kensium BPO handle the rest!

Kensium BPO offers a variety of catalog data management services for all major online platforms. Our skilled resources provide ecommerce store owners with the best solutions for attracting new customers, driving conversions, and building loyalty.

What We Do?

Kensium BPO believes your website has to stand out to survive in a crowded eCommerce landscape. Our team can assist you with enhancements to your online storefront that make an impact, appeal to potential customers and drive sales.

Catalog Conversion & Indexing

  • Comprehensive data is collected for all of your products from existing sources and organized into meaningful categories and presented in a consolidated form
  • The product database is formatted to your specifications allowing integration with your company’s systems and efficient retrieval of details

Catalog Updating

  • Existing product information is researched and verified for accuracy
  • Product descriptions are updated with enhanced details and concise descriptions that appeal to customers and provide all information needed to convert the sale
  • Optimal product images are extracted from web sources
  • Duplicate products are eliminated to reduce redundancy

The Kensium BPO Difference

  • Flexible and transparent pricing
  • Quality assurance protocols to ensure the highest level of accuracy
  • ISO 27001 Certified for information security
  • 24/7 availability for non-stop support
  • Fast turnaround times 

Save time and money by outsourcing catalog data management tasks to Kensium BPO

Call 877 KENSIUM (536-7486) or email info@kensiumbpo.com today for details!