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Contract Drafting & Redlining

Contract Drafting & Redlining

The importance of drafting contracts that effectively govern business activities cannot be overstated. Failure to clearly set out obligations and limit risk to your organization or understand key details from contracts sent to you for execution can lead to serious consequences. These activities are often handled by in-house legal teams or outside counsel, but divert attention from higher-level tasks or cost a fortune.

Why not outsource these processes to Kensium BPO?

Efficient drafting, redlining and negotiation of contracts are the foundation of lasting and amicable relationships. Our team will write out the terms and details of your contracts and agreements so stakeholders and signatories can fully understand their contractual obligations. We can guide you through the redlining process, editing terms to benefit or limit risk to your business and track/highlight edited terms from the other side for effective review process.

Kensium BPO’s legal team strictly follows an analytical framework throughout the drafting and redlining process. An effective and binding contract sets out the most vital details and obligations in clear terms that must be satisfied by the parties. We start by looking very closely at these key contractual elements:

  • Who is our client and what do they hope to accomplish with this agreement?
  • Who is the opposing party and what do they hope to accomplish with this agreement?
  • What are the most vital elements of the relationship for each side?
  • Which terms and clauses are potentially negotiable for each party?
  • What are the key concerns for our client that must be addressed in the agreement to mitigate potential risk?

From this starting point, our contract management experts will work hand in hand to finalize your agreement to your exacting specifications.

Call 877 KENSIUM (536-7486) or email info@kensiumbpo.com for details!