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Contract Management Services

Contract Management Services

Kensium BPO helps organizations optimize their legal contracts by leveraging a breadth of legal, operations, technology, and risk management expertise. Accomplished attorneys and subject matter experts with over 15 years of expertise in the field lead our Contract Management team.

Stages of Contract Management

Contracts play a significant role in everyday business. An optimal contract management process is broken up into multiple stages to better organize efforts and structure the typical contract process. Effectively managing contracts is time consuming and can easily overwhelm even the largest organization leading to information gaps and hazards. Our process includes the following steps:

Kensium BPO’s modular suite of services span the commercial lifecycle: from contract drafting and negotiation, management of approval and execution, to obligations tracking, auditing, reporting, and portfolio management.

We can take on all or specific portions of lifecycle management based on your requirements. Our services are not restricted to routine contract management, but also cover compliance, M&A, incident-based projects, and other transactional needs. Our consultants will work closely with you to review and improve current processes, devising CMS solutions tailored to your compliance, legal, and procurement needs.

Service lifecycle

Kensium is powered by an array of technology solutions that help clients manage their contracts from drafting to renewal or disposition. Our consultants, PMs, and solutions architects work with you in selecting and deploying the tools most appropriate to your needs, and provide support throughout the engagement. The CMS team is skilled in multiple verticals, including financial services, life sciences, and technology, and have extensive expertise in leading contract management platforms, including, but not limited to,

  • SAP Ariba
  • SpringCM
  • Icertis
  • IBM Emptoris
  • CaptureIQ
  • Apptus
  • Concord
  • Relativity
  • Seal
  • ContractZen

Kensium BPO CMS


Contract Drafting & Redlining

Our CMS team supports template based and platform based contract drafting and negotiation. We can create drafting playbooks, smart forms and templates, and industry-specific documentation, such as Software Licensing and ISDA agreements. We offer "redlining” services for contracts under negotiation, providing cost-efficient ways of producing first-cut drafts, performing comparisons, and identifying discrepancies.


Contract Review / Summarization & Contract Abstraction

Our services include summarizing, proof-reading, identifying, and coding contracts pursuant to contract types and responsive issues. We provide analyses for secondary and tertiary services, such as abstraction and obligation tracking. We make information readily accessible by extracting key provisions such as party names, addresses, deadlines, and jurisdictions into outlines, summaries, comparison tables or other formats as required.


Risk Analysis & Obligation Tracking

We review contracts to identify provisions according to risks, compiling "heat maps" and risk profiling surveys – both in the pre-execution and post-execution stages. We can also provide analytical reports on the risks identified. Our services include tracking and managing the rights and obligations of performance. Kensium BPO can provide extensive analyses of the contractual and statutory obligations of the parties and send periodic alerts and notifications to stakeholders.


  • Elimination of contract backlog
  • Comprehensive database creation with improved access to up-to-date and properly attributed contracts
  • Readiness for pre-litigation, corporate transaction, and/or regulatory measures
  • Centralized project management to lead complex and critical engagements – releasing client’s resources to focus on their core businesses

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