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Contract Management Solution

As your business grows, keeping track of your organization’s contracts and agreements can be a monumental task. Our experience working with Fortune 500 clients has helped us build a robust, scalable workflow that allows us to serve any client. We can make all of your documents fully searchable and readily available when you need them. We have a proven track record and innovative methods to put required information at your fingertips.

Contract Management Solution

Contract Data & Organization Solutions

Working collaboratively with our clients, we take an inside-out approach to identify issues and define processes from your point of view. We incorporate methodology from more than 10 years in the Litigation Support industry and understand the importance of keeping your critical documents organized and accessible.

Globalization has tied business communities together across continents. In response, we have leveraged our Machine Translation & OCR services to develop a flexible, language-independent workflow capable of processing all foreign language contracts and agreements.

Here are some features you can expect to find in our solutions:

  • Efficient metadata capture with guaranteed accuracy over 99%
  • Contracts are made text searchable for fast retrieval of critical details
  • Identification and deletion/reorganization of duplicate contracts, reducing duplicative review and storage requirements
  • Multiple filters allow you to refine searches within contracts and across databases
  • Elimination and/or re-filing of drafts and unexecuted contract copies
  • Research, determination, and linking of related contracts, including addendums, revisions, renewals, sub-agreements, terminations, etc
  • Contracts and Agreements hyperlinked to key pages, paragraphs, related agreements, and/or document metadata
  • Contract renaming services based on indexed fields or customized to your specifications
  • Ability to develop web-based / desktop applications for your Contract Review
  • Experienced staff and dedicated project managers
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