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Contract Review Capability

Contract Review Capability, Remote coding, LAW/ Concordance Usage for Coding, Subjective Coding, Google Research, Foreign Language Coding and Native Format Coding.

About Client: The client is a prominent technology provider – driving litigation support services

Challenge: The client engaged Kensium in a contract review project for a large cell phone manufacturing company. The review was done offline, sometimes online using remote connections to client network, Foreign Language translation & coding, Web research using Google, Subjective coding and OCR.

Solution: Kensium reviewed over 50,000 contracts over 5 months for this client. The contracts were everywhere and in every format. Due to the complex nature of network connectivity and the client location, and the time it takes to establish a secure connection, Kensium’s Network and Infrastructure Support team established secure remote connectivity via a solution that runs over HTTP (Internet) to client network which did not require any networking or infrastructure changes to the client environment.  Once the connection was established, Kensium’s coding team performed the review remotely on contracts which were in “Native format” inside the LAW application environment. The review of contracts in Tiff format was performed offline, using Concordance application.  

There was “Subjective coding” for this project for which Kensium used a specially trained team, specific for this project. Few of the fields needed the coders to research for relevant information before coding.  Several contracts were in foreign language (European and Asian) which Kensium translated to English language and used the translated text for coding.

Results: The results of work from different sets of people with different skills, was synchronized to perfection and Kensium delivered the desired results to client. Kensium displayed, when a situation demands it can look beyond conventional coding practices and can adapt to any coding platform and custom coding instructions.

About Us: Kensium is an end-to-end global solutions provider of IT and Knowledge Process Outsourcing services.

Our business objectives are to:

  • Enhance client's business
  • Reduce cost of doing business
  • Improve customer satisfaction

Kensium's focus lies in its core values of Knowledge, Effectiveness, Novelty, Speed, Innovativeness, Uniqueness and Management. This allows our clients to focus on their core strengths.Our success is measured by our strategic relationship with all our clients. We believe that each client is unique and so are their requirements. We develop customized business process outsourcing solutions for individual businesses.