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Contract Review & Abstraction

Contract Review & Abstraction

Our Contract Summarization and Abstraction services effectively present vital contract information for rapid reference. This data may include but is not limited to extracting of the party’s name(s), key clauses, critical dates, and important obligations. Kensium BPO’s legal team will review, abstract and summarize the salient points of interest and complex legal terminology in contracts into simple information, which can be utilized easily by all stakeholders.

Contract Summarization

Our experienced legal team follows a proven workflow when preparing summaries of your contracts:

  • We consult with you to develop a checklist of required summary details to ensure a meaningful end product is achieved
  • Our legal team meticulously reviews the contract in its entirety to understand the crux of the agreement and each of its clauses, making note of all relevant points
  • Important events/clauses are distilled into concise
  • Senior resources validate the summary to ensure the clause’s meaning has not been substantively been changed or altered

Kensium BPO’s Contract Abstraction is divided into two types of services:


Ongoing Contract Abstraction

Our team performs abstraction of contracts to create a repository of information, completed at regular and defined intervals. This may involve industry specific contracts like Lease Agreement, Software License Agreement, Clinical Trial Agreement, Author Agreement, etc.


Legacy Contract Abstraction

Our team performs abstraction of existing and/or historical contracts to create a legacy database for future use.

Contract Abstraction involves extraction of the following:


  • Summarization draws attention to key terms and clauses of a contract for a quick reference.
  • Improved focus on important obligations and risks
  • Provides enhanced control of business commitments
  • Timely and effective management and monitoring of contract compliance
  • Saves excessive contract review time and legal resources
  • Simplified contract details with important terms highlighted, unnecessary text removed, etc.

Call 877 KENSIUM (536-7486) or email info@kensiumbpo.com for details!