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Data Capture Project - Vehicle Title & Registration Records

Kensium BPO assembled a team of dedicated coding professionals to support an extensive indexing project involving nearly 500,000 vehicle registration documents to be consolidated in a new database for future retrieval.

About our Client: The client is a recognized industry leader in data and information management, business process automation, and staffing solutions. They create and distribute best-in-class customer and corporate communications across a wide range of business sectors including Healthcare, Insurance & Financial Services, Government, Technology, and many more. Boasting nearly 25,000 employees located around the globe, our client has been a trusted partner of Kensium’s for over 6 years.

By the Numbers.....

  • 13,500,000 data points captured
  • 20,000 indexed Titles delivered every other business day
  • Demonstrated 99.78% accuracy for all processing
  • Estimated savings of over ~$140,000

Challenge: The client approached Kensium BPO to perform extensive Indexing services with an overall delivery commitment of 12 weeks. The end client was actively working in their database while the files were being processed and required unfettered access throughout the length of the engagement. Our challenge was to develop an aggressive timeline that allowed our client to process nearly 500,000 vehicle registration documents over two phases of 6 weeks each. The expected quality of the indexing was over 99.5% and for one key field, 100% accuracy was mandated. Because the Registration Certificates of each state were of a different format and design, an extensive log of document type variations was compiled, updated regularly and studied by the coders so correct indexing decisions could be made swiftly.

Solution: Kensium’s Project Management team trained a dedicated pool of 100 plus coders immediately after approval of the project. As the documents were coming from all 50 States and required capture of up to 27 fields from differing formats, thorough orientation with sample data was critical to the team’s success. The Quality team played a vital role in pulling common images together for training purposes to maintain consistency in the final product as well as to seek clarifications from the client when necessary. Through these efforts, Kensium was able to deliver field level accuracy well over 99.5% without hampering production speed. For the key field which demanded 100% accuracy, we developed a dual key process through which two different coders were assigned the same documents to key this field. The results from the dual keying were later compared and verified for each mismatch as part of our validation process.

With over 10 years of expertise in the industry, Kensium has already completed many large data entry projects of this type. Our group was able to leverage these experiences to comply with the client’s requirement that indexed data be delivered on alternating days to avoid disruption in their daily activities. Over the course of the project, the Kensium team would facilitate 3 weekly deliveries and go on to deliver up to 60,000 Titles per week through project completion.

Results: Through the dynamic planning, execution and troubleshooting of several processing and quality control teams, Kensium achieved every milestone. Our cohesive “Work Together” and “Proven Quality Audit” approach was instrumental in delivering a final product on time that surpassed quality expectations. Leveraging off-shore resources for this effort resulted in an estimated savings of ~$140,000 to the client when compared to domestic options. As our production facilities are ISO 27001 certified; the client was assured that their data was kept secure throughout the length of the engagement.