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Data Entry Services

Data Entry Services

Empowering Data for Intelligent Workflows

Managing data can be expensive if the right data entry partner is not chosen and in-house data entry is cost prohibitive. The smart solution lies in outsourcing data entry work to Kensium BPO. We have proven workflows, vast experience, and offer 24/7 coverage ensuring timely delivery of your data entry projects at economical rates. We take care of all your data indexing needs, irrespective of the complexity, volume, or time constraints.

Organizations have long realized the importance of data entry in harnessing the power of information locked in paper files or images. Putting this information at your fingertips has proven invaluable in achieving business goals and increasing workplace efficiency.

For over 13 years, we’ve provided a comprehensive array of data indexing services to clients from varied industries. Common data capture projects may include timecards, online forms and applications, invoices, questionnaires, hand-written journals, medical reports, etc. Information abstracted can be entered directly into the client's platform or delivered in a format of their preference.

Why partner with Kensium?

Kensium BPO is well known in data management solutions with clients based in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore, and Europe. Our dedication, diligence, and flexible working hours keep us ahead of our competitors. Large or small, each and every project receives individual attention with a customized service plan tailored to your needs.

The Right Data Entry Partner to take care of your Data Entry Requirements

A dedicated project management team oversees each and every effort, acting as a clearinghouse for client queries and status updates as your project progresses. The Quality Assurance team creates a targeted checklist for each and every project to ensure that no data is missed, quality checks are thorough, and that a timely delivery is executed. Each data entry project adheres to strict and repeatable quality control protocols guaranteeing an accurate and error free deliverable every time.

The Kensium Advantage

  • 24/7 availability
  • Customized solutions for all data indexing requirements at competitive prices.
  • Dedicated project management team assigned to each and every project
  • Strict quality control and repeatable quality assurance protocols guaranteeing accuracy

Kensium provides a variety of Data Entry Services including:

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"This is spot on! Once again your team has done an amazing job. I love knowing that I can rely on Team Kensium when I need to."

-Daryl, Buffalo, NY

"Thank you! You service is stellar. You were thorough and detailed and asked relevant clarifying questions. Can't thank you enough for helping us get caught up!"

-Brad, Portland

"I appreciate your thoroughness of the details and specifics you provide. It is refreshing and to be honest one of best attributes of your company. Thank you as always for running a first class operation!!"

-Jay, Jackson, Mississippi