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Unitization (LDD)

Unitization (LDD)

A search index is only as effective as the document unitization it is built on. Logical Document Determination (LDD) gives your collection the granular foundation it needs to drive an efficient review.

The determination of logical document boundaries is an integral part of the coding process and a core service of Kensium BPO. Breaking large documents down into logical parts gives context and puts relevant information in your hands faster.

LDD is Ideal For:

  • Large PDF productions with no metadata
  • Images scanned with only physical boundaries
  • Unstructured data dumps

By establishing family relationships between emails and attachments, letters and enclosures, etc., related documents are presented concisely allowing effective searches, bulk tagging, and even threading. Attachment ranges allow you to see who sent a document, where it was sent, and why.


  • Rolling deliveries of LDD keep pace with scanning and review activities. We can unitize 120,000 pages per day!
  • Unitization rules can be tailored for specific projects and collections to yield effective results
  • Existing metadata and coding can be applied to revised boundaries for improved search accuracy
  • Reduced scanning prep time increases productivity and profitability of imaging operations

Our unitization experts manually review each and every page of your collection to determine proper document breaks and attachment ranges.

All unitization projects undergo a 100% page-for-page QC, validations and random sampling to ensure the highest level of accuracy before delivery to you.

The LDD team also works in tandem with our coding analysts reporting potential LDD errors and making recommendations for proper remediation.

By leveraging our Foreign Language Translation capabilities, unitization can also be performed on documents in these languages.

  • Spanish
  • German
  • French
  • Italian
  • Dutch
  • Swedish
  • Russian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Portuguese (Traditional and Brazilian)
  • Chinese (Simplified/Mandarin and Traditional/Cantonese)

Call 877 KENSIUM (536-7486) or email info@kensiumbpo.com for details!  

Litigation Support


"Thank you very much with all your assistance and especially over the weekend to assist me prepare for depositions and critical deadlines.  It’s a pleasure working with all of you with respect to your high level of project management, organization, and execution.  Your promptness and accuracy in delivery is unmatched in the industry!"

-Andy Mower, Philadelphia

"We appreciate the great service your team continues to provide, and please be advised that we will continue to post volumes to your team for the coming week as we complete the scanning."

-Elisabeth Hawkins, San Francisco