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EDD Image QC

Remote EDD QC using IPRO eCapture on multiple file formats such as xls, xlsx, doc, lotus notes, txt, .dwg and .dwf files.

About Client: US based, major e-Discovery and Document Management Solution Company is provider of Electronic Data Discovery Services

Challenge: The client was facing an uphill task of performing eDiscovery and EDD QC services on a 6TB size data within 3 weeks. They wanted Kensium to assist with image QC, post EDD processing by dedicating as many EDD QC resources as possible; in all the shifts and on all days including Saturdays and Sundays. The production involved different file formats and custom specification to process each of them. Kensium was to complete the QC work by accessing client machines remotely.

Solution: Kensium BPO quickly assembled a team of experienced QC’s to work on various file formats round the clock. The files had information pertaining to construction drawings, charts, spreadsheets with financial data etc., and there were more than 42,000 files to process using limited logins available.

Results:Kensium’s 9 member team worked on the IPRO eCapture image QC job and met an extremely tight deadline given by the client. The client conveyed that they wouldn't have been able to complete this job without Kensium and they were grateful for all our help.