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E Discovery QC Services

There have been substantial improvements in eDiscovery processing software in recent years, but Quality Control still remains a bottleneck for many organizations. Tight deadlines on rush image printing requests can lead to headaches and high-stress situations. We at Kensium BPO have the experience and resources to efficiently complete these processes.

E Discovery QC Services

Why use Kensium eDiscovery Services?

We have more than 10 years of experience in the Legal Services industry, with a focus on handling time-consuming tasks that divert valuable resources from our partners. Litigation support professionals trust us to manage their eDiscovery Quality Control efforts with our prompt and affordable solutions.

Our team works around the clock, giving you the ability to transform your business into a 24-hour operation. Our completely scalable services can augment your eDiscovery efforts or do it all for you, freeing your team for other tasks.

Our legal professionals are experienced and fully trained to coordinate projects with IPRO eCapture and LAW PreDiscovery. Using 128-bit encrypted secure VPN connection, we can remotely access your data to perform the work in your controlled environment. We can also support processing through other eDiscovery tools after a few training sessions with your IT professionals.

eDiscovery Quality Control

Our eDiscovery team provides the same high level of service and attention to detail found in our traditional coding services. Some eDiscovery support services we provide include:

Ingestion & Discovery QC

  • Investigate error messages generated during ingestion and reload error files as necessary
  • Check for text extraction accuracy, focusing on PDF and other image files that cause frequent issues
  • Run OCR on records without extracted text where applicable
  • Perform manual custom reorganization of record boundaries

TIF Printing & Image QC

  • Filter documents based on non-printable file types and assign placeholders prior to conversion
  • Filter Documents based on print error messages. Tag for reprint, further review, or assign placeholders per project specification
  • Manually reprint images for tagged records to ensure proper formatting and layout
  • Ensure color image printing is supported for specified file types
  • Check image orientation and rotate where applicable
  • Remove blank pages generated during printing of MS Excel and other file types
  • Perform random QC on a fixed number of documents from each file extension to ensure the native file matches with the printed images
  • Examine images for cut off text with a focus on MS Excel, MS Word, and HTM files

Our timely and efficient production team thrives on large volume and time-sensitive projects. Our project managers assign technical and non-technical resources on a case to case basis and build a workflow designed to meet your project objectives.

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