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Foreign Language OCR and Translation Services

Foreign Language OCR and Translation Services

Machine Translation & OCR

The ability to quickly decipher and review key data in foreign language documents is critical to the efficiency of your business.

Kensium BPO offers Machine Translation and Foreign Language OCR services that deliver high quality results at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional foreign language translation services.

Foreign language translation

At Kensium BPO, there are no language barriers.

Traditional human translation is slow and incredibly expensive. Today’s global marketplace demands a cost-effective solution for accessing information from foreign language documents quickly and at a manageable expense.

At top speed, a skilled human translator may only work through 2,000 words per day. That same certified translation can cost 10 to 40 cents per word depending on the language. Just imagine the cost and time involved just to get a glimpse of the information you need right now!

Contrast that with Kensium’s proprietary Machine Translation software that can convert up to 100,000 pages of foreign language documents per day. We offer low per page pricing that will save you thousands of dollars and put high quality translations in your hands fast. Through constant enhancements and updates, our software achieves industry best 90% accuracy rates.

Get quick and cheap Machine Translation in these languages:

  • Spanish
  • German
  • French
  • Italian
  • Dutch
  • Swedish
  • Russian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Portuguese (Traditional and Brazilian)
  • Chinese (Simplified/Mandarin and Traditional/Cantonese)

Whatever the requirement, Kensium BPO has a whole host of solutions to assist you in your Foreign Language processing and review efforts.

Not on the list of supported languages? No problem. Semi-Manual Translation services are available for less common languages. Our team uses Foreign Language OCR text that can be generated for 175 languages and manually creates a fully translated text file using web-based translation tools.

Unsure what needs to be translated? Kensium BPO also provides Foreign Language Identification where our analysts manually review every pages to identify, segregate individual languages. By identifying languages before processing, you gain control of your collection and the have ability to select specific documents to go through the full translation process.


The building blocks for successful Machine Translation are quality text files. Our Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software allows us to render Unicode text in 175 foreign languages, and our distributed processing model facilitates accurate conversion of more than 100,000 pages daily.

Translation not enough? Check out our Coding and Data Entry capabilities and take a deeper dive into the content of your documents!

Call 877 KENSIUM (536-7486) or email info@kensiumbpo.com for details!