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Form Processing & Indexing Services

Form Processing & Indexing Services

Get your unstructured data organized by converting to an indexed database using Kensium's Form Processing and Indexing Services! Kensium’s form processing services provide easy access to unwieldy data by creating a manageable index for quick retrieval, making searches efficient and simple.

We categorize and index data to match your exact specifications by extracting vital information like names, titles, payment amounts, invoice numbers, etc., to create a perfectly indexed data repository to expedite information recall.

Our skilled resources offer indexing for a variety of paper-based images and records such as:

  • Applications and time cards
  • Spreadsheets, Word Files, HTML Documents, Scanned Images
  • Journals, Manuals, Catalogs, Newsletters
  • Medical Records
  • Architectural Drawings
  • Receipts, Invoices and Vouchers

Forms Processing Services at Kensium

Kensium provides end-to-end solutions for form processing aimed at boosting the efficiency and profitability of your operations. Kensium’s form processing services operate on a 24/7 basis to meet the most aggressive timelines. Outsourcing form processing to Kensium is an easy and cost-effective way to enhance the efficiency of your organization and get back to core functions.

We provide custom solutions that can convert huge volumes of paper and image based forms into electronic formats - whether in a structured database form or for use in document management systems.

Kensium’s form processing services are ideal for:

  • Insurance providers
  • Banks and Financial institutions
  • Law Firms and Legal Support companies
  • Medical providers
  • Mortgage and Real Estate
  • Retailers
  • Utility and Municipal entities

Why choose Kensium?

Kensium BPO is a trusted outsourcing partner serving clients globally. Outsourcing form processing and data indexing services to Kensium offers the following benefits:

  • 500+ experienced resources
  • Strict and multi-level quality control protocol
  • ISO 27001 certification assuring 100% data security 
  • GDPR and HIPAA compliant facilities
  • 24/7 availability
  • Unbeatable cost savings

With 100% client satisfaction our primary goal, each and every form processing project receives our individual attention.

Call 877-KENSIUM (536-7486) or email info@kensiumbpo.com today for details!