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Handwritten Medical Questionnaire Data Entry

Software Development, Handwritten Content, Medical Terms, Quick TAT and Coordination between Kensium Teams.

About Client:Our client represented law firms in USA and other countries in intellectual property practice including patent, trademark and copyright.

Challenge:The client approached Kensium BPO with 2000 questionnaires from different plaintiffs in a law-suit. Each questionnaire had 32 pages including lots of handwritten content and many medical terms. The challenge was to develop, test, and deliver in one month software that would help the client analyze the coded data. In addition, the client wanted the screen to look exactly like a questionnaire.

Solutions: Kensium’s software application development team and the litigation coding team started working together on this project. Based on an Excel spreadsheet sample provided by the coding team, the software team started developing the solution on a Microsoft platform.But as the coding work progressed, the team came across several variations of the questionnaire because the client had changed the layout several times. Meanwhile, the coding team chose a dedicated team with higher skill levels to work on this project and started processing it in multiple shifts.

To reduce the time taken for coding a questionnaire, the team attempted to do OCR on lengthy paragraphs. But since the content had handwritten information in it, OCR was only partially successful. To improve the quality, the coding team performed a thorough spell check at the end of coding. The team used Google search and medical dictionaries used by transcriptionists to find the correct spelling of medical terms.

The coding team also occasionally reached out to the client to verify the correctness of medical terms. The end product was a simple to use software, which gave the attorneys the feel of viewing a questionnaire combined with the coded database in the backend to allow them to do quick key word searches.

Results: This was an example of a complex project where Kensium delighted our client with an elegant solution. The project had a combination of many challenges: a tight deadline, handwritten content, a need for coordination between departments, deployment of right skills and the need for creativity.  Kensium BPO and Kensium BPO coding teams worked together seamlessly.
 The team took the initiative to ensure the highest quality of handwritten content coding by performing a spell check as a separate process. The team took an additional step to make sure the medical terms are coded correctly by referring to Google and medical dictionaries. Meanwhile, our software development team came up with a user interface that was familiar to the client’s users tied to a fast and accurate back end database. With our laser focus on the client’s needs, we developed a highly customized and creative solution that was easy to use while delivering high quality search results for the attorneys using the software, all within a tight timeframe. This case illustrates Kensium’s unique ability to combine our IT and litigation support skills to solve highly complex and time sensitive client problems.

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