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Invoice Processing AP Management

As businesses expand rapidly becoming a worldwide presence, it can be difficult to manage the daily task of managing accounts payable and invoice processing in various formats and languages. Our solution is absolutely cost effective, robust and customized to meet your unique business needs.


Invoice Processing  AP Management

When organizations expand their business to different geographies, states and countries, it can be difficult to manage accounts payable with invoices in different formats and languages arriving on a daily basis. It is imperative that your invoices are processed as quickly as possible. Traditional methods of internal invoice processing may not make economic sense in today’s technological world.

As a trusted partner for many Fortune 500 companies, Kensium has developed a strong knowledge base for implementing invoice processing workflows.

Custom Solution for Accounts Payable Management

  • A large portion of the workflow is automated, making your invoice processing task time and cost efficient
  • Our production facility is capable of handling both Hard Copy and Electronic invoices
  • Our 24/7/365 availability guarantees that we are able to meet the most aggressive of SLAs. We can process your invoices in less than 2 hours if necessary!
  • We understand the importance of accuracy in processing your invoices.  Our workflow is continually fine-tuned and upgraded to adapt to your unique needs
  • There are no language barriers as our workflow is flexible, allowing us to process invoices of different languages
  • Our innovative approach gives customers increased financial and procurement visibility, efficiency, cost savings and control
  • Our deliverables are always customizable to be compatible with any AP management platform

AP Invoice Processing Services

Accounts Payable process is simplified to ensure accurate data and real-time invoice management. Invoice processing and Accounts Payable processing is a time-consuming task which required manpower in large numbers. Hence, a combination of automation, methodology, and deep industry knowledge has been introduced to provide customized Invoice and Accounts Payable Solutions which increases financial and procurement visibility, efficiency, cost savings and control with over 99.5% accuracy. Key information from Invoices and Purchase Orders would be captured offline or to the AP systems directly.

AR Invoice Processing Services

An automation of Accounts Receivable invoice processing will help the organization to execute the start-to-finish management of the order to Cash cycle systematically. A systematic AR invoicing process optimization will enhance customer satisfaction.

AR processing services empowers prompt invoice generation and facilitates timely dispatch of monthly statements on a set period. The efficient Accounts Receivable process flow should be designed such a manner that the receivables are quickly converted to revenue through effective cash flow management. This further ensures to save agent fees and workforce expenses incurred. Key information from Invoices or Checks or Payment Drafts would be captured in this process to track the payment against the invoices.

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