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Large Coding Capacity

Large Coding Capacity, Quick TAT, Rolling Deliveries and 24x7x365 Availability:

Client’s Profile: The client is one of the leading solution providers of comprehensive document and technology solutions to law firms and corporations in the United States.

Challenge:The client needed a quick turnaround of over 2 million pages of litigated documents and wanted all the deliveries to be made within 4 weeks. As the task involved multiple scope and linear processing, meticulous planning and execution was necessary to meet the client's needs. The success was also dependent on continuous coordination with the scanning vendor.  Also, the challenge covered Logical Document Determination and 8 fields coding.

Solutions: Kensium’s skilled production managers used our industry leading coding capacity of 50,000 documents a day to execute a plan to distribute its resources between LDD and coding processes. The rolling deliveries of 80,000 pages/ 20,000 documents a day started from day 3 and continued for the next 4 weeks, often without weekend breaks.

Results: Our unrelenting determination, skillful teams, robust strategies and above all our passion for excellence allowed us to execute the projects ahead of our deliverable schedule. All through the project, our signature trait of ‘deliver the best with no scope for error’ was maintained not just as a practice but as our highest priority.

Our experienced production team, large capacity, and 24x7x365 availability have made us the obvious choice for even the largest and most challenging coding projects.

About Us: Kensium is an end-to-end global solutions provider of IT and Knowledge Process Outsourcing services.

Our business objectives are to:

  • Enhance client's business
  • Reduce cost of doing business
  • Improve customer satisfaction

Kensium's focus lies in its core values of Knowledge, Effectiveness, Novelty, Speed, Innovativeness, Uniqueness and Management. This allows our clients to focus on their core strengths.

Our success is measured by our strategic relationship with all our clients. We believe that each client is unique and so are their requirements. We develop customized business process outsourcing solutions for individual businesses