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Litigation Support Services

Litigation Support Services

Kensium BPO provides an extensive lineup of high-quality legal support solutions that offer the value of off-shore pricing with domestic customer support you can rely on. By trusting Kensium with your litigation support service projects, you will be able to free valuable internal resources and meet deadlines without sacrificing quality or information security.

With over 15 years of experience, Kensium BPO is the premier provider of off-shore solutions to the legal community and beyond. Our unique tiered management infrastructure has been refined over time to repeatedly deliver precise results on time and under budget.

Whether it is a small rush effort or a large long-term engagement, we approach each and every project with the same level of commitment. Our team of over 500 dedicated professionals has the knowledge and expertise to seamlessly coordinate our activities with your internal workflow, delivering a quality product every time.



Why Kensium?

Client satisfaction is our focus, and it shows in the way we interact with every partner. We believe in integrity, transparency, and accountability. These are our commitments to you:

Speed & Accuracy

  • Deadline compliance rate over 99%
  • Industry-best accuracy rates over 99%


  • Over 15 years of providing litigation support services across multiple industries
  • Best-in-class infrastructure and project setup for consistent results


  • True 24/7 availability to ensure steady production and support through weekends and holidays
  • Dedicated domestic and off-shore project managers for seamless communication and updates

Data Security

  • ISO 27001 certified, HIPAA/GDPR compliant production facilities ensuring the highest level of security and confidentiality
  • Kensium BPO utilizes only full-time employees that have undergone stringent professional and criminal background checks

Flexible Options

  • Remote/Hybrid and Hosted service options to comply domestic data requirements with the most stringent security regulations
  • Foreign Language processing capabilities

Explore our Litigation Support Service solutions and visit our Testimonials page to hear from our valued customers about their experiences partnering with Kensium BPO.

Call us today at 877-536-7486 or email to info@kensiumbpo.com for more details.

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Litigation Support Services


"I just wanted to convey our thanks for all your effort and hard work to complete this project so quickly. The team and client greatly appreciate it!"

-Stephanie, Washington DC

"Please also extend a very big thank you to everyone who work on this project. I'd like them to know that I really appreciate all their hard work. Often in our line of business, we don’t receive enough "thank you"s for doing a great job, which is a shame especially when the work is often very tedious and time-consuming. Their hard work did not go unnoticed."


"Thanks for taking care of this 115K - page LDD project so fast Kensium team. As always we can count on you to do a great job for us!"

-Kris Taylor, San Francisco

"The LDD job you did for me few weeks ago was a very complicated one and definitely outside the norm but your project managers did a great job of communicating and keeping the project on track. The whole team really worked hard on it and I just wanted to say thanks for helping us out with this. We never would have been able to get it done without your team's hard work!"

-Jason, San Francisco

""We have been able to integrate the Kensium Legal team into our litigation support workflow allowing seamless scalable support. They have been quick to acclimate to the changing support needs of the legal market. Their project management team works well with our data team and is very quick to respond to any project challenges presented. Kensium Legal is a true partner!""

-Christopher Sharp, Philadelphia