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Managed Document Review

Kensium supports many of the largest global corporations and international law firms.

Managed Document Review

Kensium document review services are supported by our own team of professional recruiters, secure review space, and experienced document review experts with diverse practice area specialization. We integrate our domain expertise and metric-driven processes to ensure a well-executed and defensible review process. Our Review Managers share your goals: reducing cost, improving quality and driving efficiency.

Review Services 

  • Relevancy Review
  • Internal Investigation
  • Privilege Review
  • Second Pass Review
  • Regulators’ Requests
  • Foreign Language Identification and Review
  • Data Breach Review –PHI/PII
  • Redaction Services

Review Management

Review Manager will be selected based on his/her experience with the client, industry, subject matter and/or technology being deployed. The RM is a licensed attorney who serves as the key point of contact among the review team, Electronic Discovery team, and Client/Outside Counsel. The RM works seamlessly with the other Project Managers to manage the review process from inception through production, developing workflows, monitoring reviewer progress, overseeing quality control and providing daily reports.

Reporting and Metrics

A Daily Report is prepared for the legal team that detail open items (procedural/technical issues), questions from the review room, and documents of interest. Documents of interest include those that counsel should review on priority because they support/refute a legal strategy or contain information which counsel should be aware. Kensium asks that outside counsel reply in writing to all questions which are recorded in the project defensibility binder memorializing all decisions made.
Kensium also tracks review room metrics, such as productivity and accuracy for all reviewers. Cost reports showing spending to date by category of reviewers (First Level Review, Project Manager, Assistant Project Managers) are also provided giving you 100% transparency.

Review Process

Review Methodology

The RM will take our best practice of review methodology and tailor it based on collaboration with the client’s case team and case-specific parameters.


Analytics/Key Word Searches

To support the review process, we use all available features of the review platform to efficiently organize workflows and ensure quality, such as email threading, near duplicate analysis, concept clustering and prioritization. We developed an extensive list of privilege terms that can signify the existence of privileged content.


Search Term Report (STR)

As part of the Early Case Assessment (ECA), search term reports are generated, based on the key words searches and analytics done on the dataset. An ECA helps us provide a better assessment of the data pool, determine the timeline, and provide a better estimate.



Based on the STR, the review managers segregate the dataset in batches (including family) and assign them to the reviewers for first level review.


First Level Review (FLR)

We have an experienced team of attorneys performing review on the assigned batches, as per the instruction of the client or playbook/protocol.


Quality Check

We have a robust quality and consistency checks methodology, which is performed on the reviewed documents before releasing them.



The RM collaborates with the client to decide the frequency and the timeline of the deliverables in the pre-review stage. After the FLR and all Quality checks are performed, the determined dataset is delivered to the client, through an intimation via email, for their further perusal


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