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Manual Data Entry Services

Manual Data Entry Services

Streamlining Operations and Improving Efficiency

Manual Data entry projects require specialized resources and skill sets to ensure the highest level of accuracy. The team at Kensium is well equipped to process thousands of documents daily with quality assured. Having over a decade of experience in manual data entry, Kensium BPO is well known for accurate and rapid manual data keying services for handwritten or printed documents delivering positive results to our clients.

Kensium’s manual data entry process is perfect for paper or image based documents like invoices, reports, financial records, forms and legal documents. Kensium follows rigorous quality checks to deliver the highest level of accuracy for all manual data entry related projects. The result is a user friendly database from which you can search, sort and retrieve critical data efficiently. Kensium provides manual data entry services to clients from varying industries such as Automotive, Real Estate, Education, Finance, Healthcare, Legal, Technology, and more!

Why choose Kensium for Manual Data Entry Services?

  • Experienced and qualified data entry professionals
  • Double key options to ensure accuracy
  • Reduced production costs
  • 24/7 availability
  • Timely delivery for all projects
  • Secure GDPR/HIPAA compliant facilities

Our manual data entry work is not limited to keying of data from:

Kensium is ISO 27001 certified for information security and GDPR/HIPPAA compliant assuring the highest level of data security and confidentiality. Get back to your core business objectives and let us handle the burden of manual data entry.

Call 877-KENSIUM(536-7486) or email info@kensiumbpo.com today for details!