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Medical Records Management

Organized medical records are key components in insurance claims processing, clinical trials, and legal proceedings. Establishing a clear timeline of events, key individuals, doctors, and practices is vital to the timely preparation and review of these records. By examining records and arranging them to your specifications, Kensium BPO reduces the time and cost burden traditionally shouldered by internal resources while maintaining HIPAA compliance.


Medical Records Management

We at Kensium BPO have extensive experience in medical records management and organization. Our trained professionals can review digital patient files and organize them chronologically to expedite the review process. Our team will reconstruct the timeline of events and present your records in a concise, bookmarked PDF file that is text searchable. As a part of the review process, we can also consolidate files by removing copies and other non-essential documentation.

Our production facilities are ISO 27001 certified. We are also Privacy Shield certified and maintain HIPAA compliance. In addition, we offer remote processing services whereby your data may remain domestically stored with our professionals accessing it via secure VPN connection.

Contact us today to find out more about our industry-best data security practices and how we can help you with your medical record organization needs.

Medical Record Organization Workflow:

  • Unitization (LDD) – Patient files are reviewed for content to determine logical document boundaries and grouped accordingly for review purposes
  • Consolidation – The patient file is reviewed for duplicate and/or non-essential documentation. Extraneous pages are segregated or deleted from the file per client preference
  • Summarization – The entire file is reviewed and a summary is prepared including details of admission, diagnosis and testing, patient case history, details of surgeries performed, and eventual discharge. The summary provides a high-level overview of a patient’s file
  • Coding & Indexing – Key information such as dates, facility/provider names, procedures, or record types will be captured from the file for use in keyword searches. Indexing fields are tailored to your specific needs
  • Categorization – Using the information captured during indexing, individual documents are organized into main categories. The client defines the number of categories as well as subsections within categories that will best facilitate their review
  • Sorting – Records within each category are chronologically sorted ascending or descending per client preference
  • Bookmarking and Hyperlinking – After sorting and organizing the documents in chronological order, the file is converted to PDF with bookmarks by client defined criteria. The bookmarks allow for quick access to specific record types, diagnoses, tests conducted, progress notes, etc
  • OCR – All pages within the file are made text-searchable using OCR software

Other optional services may include:

  • Redaction of PII or other key terms
  • Placeholder or slip sheet insertion to differentiate record types
  • Custom sequencing and Bates number application

Our medical record organization solutions have been developed based on client requests and feedback. Let us design the right solution for your organization’s needs.

All processing is subject to a stringent quality control protocol. Our multi-tier QC methodology guarantees accuracy through 100% visual checks and random sampling prior to delivery. Any product not meeting our standards is rejected and submitted for re-processing.

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