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Kensium can review digital patient files and organize them to medical chronologies and timelines. We perform visual dedupe, reconstruct the events and produce them in a neat bookmarked PDF format. All this is done in an ISO: 27001 certified facility which adequately safeguards PII (Personally Identifiable Information) and maintains HIPAA compliance.

Record organization workflow:

  • Summarizing– Review medical records and prepare summary of admission, diagnosis or tests carried out, patient’s case history, details of surgeries performed and discharge. The summary gives the gist of a patient’s case.
  • Indexing– This is a customizable service. We categorize each medical record and assign a section within the category, based on the case need. Each customer can define the number of categories, as well as the sections within the categories. The categorization or document typing is followed by capturing of key information from medical records to help with keyword searches. The most common keywords are patient name, provider name, facility name, date of event etc.
  • Sorting– The simplest option is sorting medical records by the date of event. It can be customized to first sort by category, then by section within each category and then finally by date within each section.
  • Bookmark and Hyperlinking– After sorting and organizing the documents in a chronological order, a PDF file per patient is created with bookmarks, as needed by the case. The bookmarks allow for quick access to specific document types, specific diagnosis / tests conducted or to fetch billing records or progress notes etc.

Additional optional services include

  • Inserting place holders to differentiate records
  • Customized bates branding
  • Redacting specific terms
  • Visually identify duplicate records (DeDuping)
  • Identify and tag non-relevant records or remove them
  • Perform OCR and provide full – text searchable PDF files with book marks