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Mortgage Indexing & Data Extraction

Mortgage Indexing & Data Extraction

Kensium BPO’s Mortgage Indexing and Data Extraction services can help you effectively store, track, and utilize loan documents with ease, all the way from origination through closing. We leverage our vast experience in the mortgage industry and combine it with best practices to provide lenders with a single stop solution to handle all mortgage indexing needs. Kensium’s mortgage support solutions enable you to focus on core business functions while maintaining accuracy and 100% data security for all your business-critical documents.

Our Comprehensive Mortgage Indexing Services:


Mortgage Form Processing

Once the borrower has completed the loan application form and made preliminary document submissions, our team of mortgage experts begin with the Stacking process critical to efficient indexing and preparing preliminary preparation of mortgage disclosures. All supporting information like W-2 forms, pay stubs and credit check reports are categorized and placed in order per lender and underwriter specifications.


Mortgage Indexing and Naming

The creation of a guide for the naming of business documents is the key to achieving a high level of accuracy in indexing results. Kensium BPO uses unique characteristics such as customer name, property information, credit check status or loan approval status to classify customer data appropriately. By applying concise, consistent and meaningful naming conventions, our mortgage indexing and data extraction professionals provide you with a direct line of access to information on demand.


Data Classification and Extraction

Kensium BPO is all about connecting you with the information you need, quickly! Establishing consistent naming conventions accelerates search and retrieval capabilities for indexed mortgage documents. You can rely on our structure and indexing strategies for classification, segmentation, and management to make your business more efficient.


Making Documents Editable and Searchable

Our mortgage data capture services can be seamlessly integrated with established workflows and your current platform to facilitate advanced search capabilities within the interface. Our experts can index your mortgage documents directly in the system removing the need to import data after completion and giving you access to results in real time.


Document Summary Generation

With a comprehensive document summary, you get a bird’s eye view of all customer loans in various stages of approval. Our team of mortgage support experts prepare a thoroughly verified summary of customer profiles. We also provide periodic summary reports to help you access constantly changing information like payment history and loan modification details.

At Kensium, we have perfected the art of mortgage indexing and data extraction to enhance the loan approval process. We can help you manage borrower data and streamline the underwriting stage by providing instant access to information required in the approval process. The net result is a fast and efficient process from origination to close helping you service more borrowers each month!

Why Outsource Mortgage Indexing and Data Extraction Services to Kensium?

Kensium BPO’s meticulous level of review and validation of all loan prequalification steps improve the success rate and speed of the underwriting process.

By choosing Kensium BPO for mortgage indexing and data extraction, you can expect:

  • Advanced document management & extraction workflow to reduce processing times
  • Multi-tier review, verification and quality control processes to ensure accuracy
  • Stringent data privacy, integrity and confidentiality assurances via ISO 27001 certification
  • Seamless and hassle free integration with your established workflow
  • 24/7 availability to extend your business day – loans are stacked and indexed during typical overnight hours in the US!
  • Significant cost savings of up to 50% through offshore pricing

Get in touch with us to outsource mortgage indexing and data extraction services and to know more about our service offerings.

Call us today at 877-536-7486 or email to info@kensiumbpo.com for more details.

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