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Mortgage Processing Services

Kensium is here for businesses that are seeking an expert for every step of the mortgage life cycle. From agreement origination to closing services, we have the resources to fulfil your mortgage document needs and assure your business is meeting the necessary requirements in each step of any mortgage.


Mortgage Processing Services

Your company will be able to devote more time to serving customers by allowing Kensium BPO to manage documents and perform tasks associated with the various steps of mortgages.

Loan Life Cycle Process Flow

With the ability to integrate our customized projects directly into your business operations, your business can be more efficient and thorough in its practices. Kensium BPO offers these mortgage services to you:

The Value of Outsourcing Mortgage Fulfillment Tasks

When outsourcing mortgage tasks, your business increases its efficiency by unloading the mundane daily operations previously performed by your employees. This allows businesses to reconsider staffing needs and to staff more effectively. Employees will be able to be more productive at work, using their skills for the betterment of the company and customers.

Outsourcing mortgage documents to the trained experts at Kensium eliminates errors associated with manual data and document entry. Our experienced staff knows the mortgage industry and regulations associated with it. This will ensure accuracy and precision, and you’ll be confident your mortgage tasks are meeting and exceeding requirements. 

Our top-of-the-line customer service will allow you to keep tabs on projects every step of the way. The expert document handling associated with Kensium BPO’s mortgage outsourcing services will save time, save money, and allow your business to be more efficient.

Discover below how outsourcing each stage of the mortgage process adds value to your business.

Why outsource mortgage tasks to Kensium BPO?

When you choose Kensium BPO to support any aspect of your mortgage processes, your team is augmented with trained experts who provide updates every step of the way. We eliminate time wasted on repetitive and error-susceptible tasks by using ‘Six Sigma’ tools that consistently yield quality outputs. Our goal is to be a flexible, cost-effective partner for you in every step of the mortgage process, allowing you to save money and focus your expertise where it’s needed most.

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Our pre-processing support services ensure your mortgage has the foundation it needs to get done correctly the first time. We sift through provided documentation and request any missing records or files. As we gather all the necessary information, automated indexing tools allow us to scan every page associated with the loan file and index them accordingly. Indexed file packages are prepared, and loan officers enter required data into the loan origination system to create appraisal reports and the preliminary loan package.

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The first of two parts in our proven underwriting process, our mortgage pre-underwriting services ensure the 4 Cs of credit (credit, capacity, collateral, and capital) are properly addressed in the file. Using our underwriting tool to guarantee mortgage guidelines are followed, our trained pre-underwriting support specialists review your provided documentation to deliver the loan decision’s key components, including:

  • loan-to-value ratio
  • debt-to-income ratio
  • outstanding loan conditions

Their work is then moved to the next stage for a quality check.

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In the quality control (QC) portion of our mortgage underwriting services, our underwriting QC specialists use a comprehensive checklist to review the pre-underwriter’s loan file, ensuring it complies with industry regulations and Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac guidelines. They use the same tools as the pre-underwriter to check that the 4 Cs of credit (credit, capacity, collateral, and capital) are properly represented to deliver a fair mortgage decision. If deemed ready, the file is packaged and sent for processing.

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Our mortgage processing support services team takes care of all the requests, reviews, and approvals related to your loan, so you only have to coordinate with one partner. Our loan processors, loan officers, and underwriters communicate with each other and vendors to get the certifications and documents necessary to finalize and close your mortgage. Once all information has been relayed to the underwriter and conditions have been cleared, the loan processor takes action on verifications, appraisals, and titles.

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Our experienced mortgage closing support staff guides your mortgage files through the final stages. After our trained loan processors work with loan officers and underwriters to clear outstanding conditions, they finalize the loan file and provide a compliance review report that includes information from tax, insurance, and reserve audits. Upon completing the report, loan processors complete the fee sheet, any figures, and instructions that need to be shared. Additional documentation can include closing letters, HUD-1 figures, and wiring information for your records.

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Our post-closing support services for mortgages ensure all guidelines are continually met and provide an avenue for archiving your mortgage files for easy reference. We assess the status of the loan to check its compliance and make sure it is saleable to any investors. During the mortgage post-closing stage, our underwriting team performs a post-closing re-write of the file to guarantee the legality and swiftly correct any issues associated with the file.

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Our appraisal review and title review services are conducted to identify any inconsistencies and ensure correct information in the appraisal. We consult multiple resources in this effort, comparing information from separate appraisers, comparable properties, and current market factors. To guarantee a fair valuation, we ensure all individuals who assess the property are certified and that inspections were carried out per requirements. Our file commitment reports are created using title, tax, mortgage, and property information.

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