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Your company will be able to devote more time to serving customers by allowing Kensium BPO to manage documents and perform tasks associated with the various steps of mortgages.

Loan Life Cycle Process Flow

With the ability to integrate our customized projects directly into your business operations, your business can be more efficient and thorough in its practices. Kensium BPO offers these mortgage services to you:

The Value of Outsourcing Mortgage Fulfillment Tasks

When outsourcing mortgage tasks, your business increases its efficiency by unloading the mundane daily operations previously performed by your employees. This allows businesses to reconsider staffing needs and to staff more effectively. Employees will be able to be more productive at work, using their skills for the betterment of the company and customers.

Outsourcing mortgage documents to the trained experts at Kensium eliminates errors associated with manual data and document entry. Our experienced staff knows the mortgage industry and regulations associated with it. This will ensure accuracy and precision, and you’ll be confident your mortgage tasks are meeting and exceeding requirements. 

Our top-of-the-line customer service will allow you to keep tabs on projects every step of the way. The expert document handling associated with Kensium BPO’s mortgage outsourcing services will save time, save money, and allow your business to be more efficient.

Discover below how outsourcing each stage of the mortgage process adds value to your business.

Why outsource mortgage tasks to Kensium BPO?

Kensium Business Process Outsourcing offers our mortgage customers fully customizable, cost-reducing services to replace your repetitive, specialized, and data entry tasks. We’re here to support your back office.

By choosing Kensium BPO to support your mortgage processes, you choose trained solutions experts who provide updates and quality every step of the way. Our team ensures all requirements are met and reduces the overall operations costs to your business. Kensium BPO will eliminate excessive waste on mundane and repetitive, error prone tasks by using ‘Six Sigma’ tools to provide a high quality product. Our goal is to be a cost-effective partner for you in every step of the mortgage process, allowing you to save money and focus your efforts where they’re needed most.

Pre-qualification services

Kensium BPO works with you to provide timely pre-qualification services for your impending mortgages. We help legal professionals, banks, mortgage brokers, and more prepare and submit their disclosure documents efficiently. Our services also deliver checks and investigations of pending borrowers, so you can be sure you are making the right decisions with your practice. These pre-qualification services allow your company to operate legally, productively, and in good faith.

Pre-processing services

Pre-processing mortgage services, provided by Kensium BPO, include review and authorization of required documents, appraisal ordering, and ordering of necessary forms. We will do our best to help lock in the best possible rate for the time period of your mortgage. Kensium BPO confirms and submits all required client details, at this stage of the mortgage process, on time and in a professional manner.

Processing services

Trained Kensium BPO mortgage specialists will take your mortgage through its lifespan. From the origination of the mortgage until the final processing is done, our team will be there to aid your business in reaching its mortgage-related business goals. With the latest technology and training, our mortgage processing group will collect, review, and submit documents for your business. Ensuring compliance is one of our greatest concerns throughout the process, and Kensium BPO will keep you in good hands.

Underwriting services

Lenders and others dealing with loans and mortgages must have underwriting services as a part of their processes. Our underwriters will review all the four Cs of underwriting (credit, capacity, capital, and collateral of the borrower) to provide accurate decision approval on the loan. This stage of the mortgage process can often be lengthy and consume large amounts of time. Outsourcing, mortgage underwriting to us will decrease the time needed for this process and can decrease the amount of overhead spent by your company. We give your business the freedom to focus on more important tasks.

Appraisal services

Appraisals are necessary for determining the value of the collateral involved in the mortgage. An accurate assessment is instrumental in the agreement, and you need a trusted, experienced professional to perform and review your appraisal documents. Kensium BPO’s team of experts works with appraisal professionals to properly value the property and proceeds to meticulously review the valuation for potential devaluations and bottlenecks. Our expertise ensures professionals receive the correct appraisal value, eliminating their business’ need to take time to review the document in detail.

Title services

Kensium BPO has the ability to perform title transfer, and tasks associated with it can be time- and resource-consuming activities for businesses. This is why our specialists take the reins on these frustrating tasks, alleviating you of duties associated with title acquisition, title transfer, insurance, and finances. With Kensium BPO backing your mortgage title processes, you have a trusted partner with your best interest in mind. Rest assured knowing details won’t be missed, that transfers are final, and your company will acquire any necessary protection.

Mortgage closing services

In the final stages of a mortgage, you should have a team that knows the ins and outs of each step of the process. Kensium BPO can order review documents, initiate a closing sequence for an agreement, and more to ensure the completion and finality of your mortgage. Trust our experience when it comes to the closing stages of mortgages. Kensium BPO’s specialists complete finalization statements and keep you updated along the way, ensuring efficient, correct processes.

Post-closing services

Accurate and quick reporting of your audits ensures that necessary documents are created for your reference and archival purposes. Kensium BPO reviews are performed by trusted professionals with extensive training in the space. We ensure all documentation provided is accurate and authentic. Kensium BPO’s mortgage specialists are always updated on current regulations and laws, so you don’t have to be. You can focus on what you need to do to most effectively run your business, leaving the details to us.