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Paralegal Back Office Services

An on-staff paralegal can cost you more than $50,000, but our paralegal support team can do the same tasks for less cost and in less time. Our team can cover your daily activity and information tracking, client case management, document preparation, research, billing and other back-office support tasks.


Paralegal  Back Office Services

You can rely on Kensium’s paralegal team to perform the following tasks:

  • PNC (Potential New Customer) workflow management
  • Document preparation for warranty processing
  • Calendar management
  • Mass mailing
  • Case research
  • Time Sheet Maintenance
  • Billing verification against timesheets
  • Invoice markups, white labelling and reprinting
  • Lemon Law and personal injury related case management through databases such as Amicus Attorney
  • Audit of records entered in Amicus database
  • Summary creation (such as Repair Order summaries) and report generation
  • Preparation of Cease and Desist/Demand Infringement letters on your behalf
  • Maintenance and issue resolution of your practice management applications, databases, networks and IT infrastructure

Calendar Management: Kensium can help paralegals & attorneys manage their calendar events including scheduling, tracking & re-scheduling

Mass mailing: Emailing list of customers with generic & case specific matters and information

Case Research: Executing searches within specified databases to gather information key to your case.

Pre Process (or) Order Preparation: Kensium’s support experts analyze case documents and capture key information, arranging them in chronological order and/or tabular format facilitating a quick assessment to determine path forward

Case filing: Accurate filing of cases in your case management system. Legal professionals are contacted directly to ensure data is entered into the system as per specification.

Document Preparation: Capturing information from warranty documents and arranging in chronological order

Report Generation: Customer specific weekly/ monthly report generation detailing billable hours for legal professionals per case and/or matter.

Medical Demand Letter: Review medical records and prepare summary of accident, admission, diagnosis, patient history, procedural details and discharge summary, to assist attorneys with claims

Troubleshooting: 24 hour network & infrastructure support, every day.

Database maintenance: Maintain client databases at client specified intervals. Ensure databases are defragmented making searches are quick and accurate

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