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Quality & Collaboration Win Over A New Accounts Payable Support Partner

Everyone knows that in a highly competitive marketplace, there is no better advertisement than a word of mouth recommendation from a current user. Among the many important factors when choosing the right outsourcing partner, the ability to trust the execution of business critical operations ranks highest. Who can you rely on to service your clients the way you would?

About our Client: They are an innovative market leader in the Accounts Payable Automation vertical. Their homegrown software has been deployed to hundreds of corporations worldwide. Like Kensium, they provide solutions that cater to businesses of all sizes. Their enterprise Accounts Payable management platform offers integration with all major ERP systems.

Background: As their portfolio grew with wide adoption of their AP platform, our client was looking for a reliable partner to handle the manual entry and verification steps necessary to ensure accuracy in automated results. While they had leveraged other providers in the past, communication and quality mishaps dictated a new direction.

Our Accounts Payable processing team had experience working with the client’s platform while processing invoices for other partners. High accuracy levels in servicing those accounts led to an introduction to begin working with the client directly. A phased transition of the first key account took place in 2017.  Live training sessions with our operations counterparts were conducted and a project manual was signed off. Just 2 months later after a thorough review of our accuracy ratings (over 99%), a second account was transitioned. Several other accounts of increasing difficulty and volume followed in early 2018.  They required higher level parsing of enhanced business rules and multiple verification stages.

Communication is fundamental in fostering trust and successful collaboration. Daily status updates and timely exception reporting enabled our partner to work proactively with their clients to head off potential workflow issues. Decision logs compiled by the Kensium team laid out project specific handling of business rules crucial to accurate and consistent results.

Our client’s unique position as the gatekeeper of the platform has led to mutual benefits. As heavy users of the software, they have sought suggestions from us for process improvements to enhance user satisfaction. This successful collaboration has led to an increase in productivity helping to keep annual costs for these ongoing projects in check. As their go-to provider when quality is paramount, new prospects are consistently brought to us to this day.

Conclusion: When it comes to outsourcing critical tasks like Accounts Payable support, cultivating trust is the first step in making a transition. Is this potential partner invested in my success? Will they approach the task at hand with the same level of professionalism and attention to detail I expect? Accounts Payable automation has changed the game when it comes to simplifying back office processes. Still, it’s the human element and the commitment of dedicated individuals in the background that ultimately drive success.

Contact us at info@kensiumbpo.com for more details.