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Risk Analysis & Obligation Tracking

Risk Analysis & Obligation Tracking

Our Risk Analysts identify dangers posed to individuals, businesses and government agencies, by potential adverse events which are defined and simplified for review. Since a contract sets out rights, obligations and risks to the parties which must be fulfilled to comply, knowing these terms is vital to the health of every business.

Alleviate this headache and ensure compliance by trusting Kensium BPO’s Contract management experts to identify risks and obligations making them easy to understand.

Risk analysis can be either quantitative or qualitative.


Quantitative Risk Analysis

An attempt is made to numerically determine the probabilities of various adverse events and the potential extent of the losses if an event takes place.


Qualitative Risk Analysis

This involves defining the various threats, determining the extent of vulnerabilities and devising countermeasures, should an adverse event occur.

Obligations can be statutory or contractual in nature. Contractual obligations are to be performed by the parties as deliverables of contracts (performance of contract) and statutory obligations are to be adhered to by both the parties as per the laws and regulations.


  • No requirement to read and review entire contracts
  • On-time deliverables and obligation compliance
  • Improved relationships with contractors, vendors and suppliers
  • Adherence of all contract obligation/deliverables
  • Better control over entire obligation management
  • Reduced obligation cost and associated risks

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