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True Domestic Coding, When You Need It

We understand that those who request domestic coding from their partner need every aspect of their coding to be truly domestic. That’s why every aspect of our True Domestic Coding services -- including storage, coding, and quality checks -- is carried out by screened US citizens in the US.


True Domestic Coding, When You Need It

Domestic means Domestic

At Kensium BPO, our domestic coding is true domestic coding; all coding, personnel, data, servers, etc. are completely on shore in the U.S. Our team provides manual coding services for our clients, including bibliographic, objective, and subjective coding. We can accommodate the simplest to the most complex requirements domestically, while meeting our industry-standard-exceeding accuracy commitment of 99% or greater on every project. Here are some of the industries we most frequently work with:

  • Legal
  • Law Enforcement
  • Medical
  • Insurance
  • Financial
  • Government

We are a trusted coding and business process outsourcing partner for organizations around the world. Though Kensium has offices in different locations globally, we understand some projects must be completed in the U.S. We offer true domestic, hybrid, and offshore coding to meet the specific demands of any project. Below are the descriptions of our different options, as well as some reasons companies turn to our onshore team for their domestic coding needs.

  • True Domestic” The data is hosted at our secure data center here in the U.S. and coded by our industry veteran coders, U.S. citizens that have passed stringent background checks
  • Hybrid” The data is hosted at our secure data center here in the U.S. and coded by our tenured coders at our secure facilities in India
  • Offshore” The data is hosted at our secure data center in India and coded by our tenured coders at our secure facilities in India
Value = Integrity + Security + Quality + Punctuality + Flexibility + Competitive Pricing


We take information security seriously. Client data for domestic projects is stored and maintained at our secure U.S. data center. All domestic coders are experienced legal coding and data capture professionals, are U.S. citizens, and have passed stringent personal and criminal background checks.

Our experienced U.S. team utilizes IPRO’s V-Code’s industry-proven technology and security features to efficiently streamline workflow and guarantee the security of client data.

When security requirements necessitate, we remotely access our client servers and code the collection directly on their platform.

Kensium BPO is HIPAA compliant, having gained ISO 27001, ISO 9001, and Safe Harbor/Privacy Shield certifications.


We believe effective technology, workflow, and communication are integral to the accuracy and success of every project. Our proprietary approach, strict quality control, and assurance processes ensure precise results. We provide regular updates and address any unforeseen variations or characteristics found in the collections to ensure decisions are made promptly. We believe providing consistent output fosters positive relationships.


We understand our clients’ businesses are deadline driven. Our dynamic coding team works diligently on every project to ensure the most stringent deadlines are met without compromising quality. We provide regular progress updates and facilitate rolling deliveries to limit interruption of your review process. We believe consistently meeting and beating deadlines builds trust.

Flexibility and Customer Service

Our service offering is client centered. We have the experience, processes, and technology to meet the most difficult and demanding requirements. From records stored in varying platforms to complex coding rules requiring intensive review, our experienced team can meet the needs of the most demanding projects.


Our efficient technology and workflow allow us to deliver consistent quality at industry-competitive prices for every project. Our clients tell us these are the reasons that they have come to trust Kensium BPO with all of their coding needs.

Why Kensium?

When you choose us for your coding and legal projects, you get an experienced team with a commitment to quality, integrity, security, punctuality, and customer service.

Our TRUE domestic coding and data capture services team has the knowledge, experience, and expertise to help you get most out of the valuable data in your documents. Contact our team today to discuss your project’s requirements and get a quote.

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