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Web Research & Data Mining Services

Web Research & Data Mining Services

Vast amounts of actionable intelligence can be gathered through Data Mining, keeping organizations ahead of their competitors. Our web research services are targeted at assisting businesses to boost performance in Marketing & Consulting, Software development, Finance, Manufacturing and more.

For accurate results, data mining and web research professionals with years of experience in the latest research tools and techniques are a must.

Kensium BPO possesses extensive data mining services expertise and has the capability to add value to your operations. Our team of data mining experts research and collect data through social networking sites, business directories, search engines, industrial journals, B2B websites and other online sources. Kensium has earned its place as a premier partner by providing quality web research/data mining services through quantitative and qualitative approaches.

Why clients choose Kensium?

The web research team at Kensium BPO will work closely with you to understand your needs and develop a project plan that produces results. Not only do we collect data, we help businesses by developing strategies for harnessing the power of what we collect.

What Sets Kensium Apart:


Data Confidentiality – Kensium’s Top Priority

We are ISO 27000 certified for information security; our facilities are HIPAA & GDPR compliant


Strict Quality Control Measures

Kensium adheres to stringent QC protocols to ensure the highest level of accuracy


24/7 Availability

Kensium’s non-stop productivity means quick results


Increased Cost Savings

Outsourcing web research/data mining services to Kensium can result in cost savings from 30% to 50%

Kensium, The Progressive Solution

Web Research and Data Mining Services at Kensium are supported by the latest methodologies and experienced resources. Our research specialists have the ability to understand and capture each and every detail for optimum output. We also cleanse and standardize raw data collected per your requirements. The Web Research /Data Mining Services at Kensium include

  • Mailing List Creation
  • Web Data Mining and List Building
  • Market Research
  • Contact Discovery
  • Events Research
  • Web Survey and Analysis

Look no further than the experts at Kensium BPO for your web research projects. Kensium BPO is a trusted name in the web mining vertical, catering to clients based in the US, Australia, Canada and throughout Europe.

Call 877 KENSIUM (536-7486) or email info@kensiumbpo.com for details!